Market Snapshot By The Sears Team at Keller Williams


Have you ever wondered what is the status of the real estate market in your area? Whether you are curious of the value of your home or just the direction that value is headed, The Sears Team offers you complimentary up-to-date information on the market conditions in your neighborhood as well as complimentary assistance in interpreting what this information means for your home's value.

Market Snapshot is a free service we offer to our friends and clients. This report shows the current trends in your neighborhood including the average days a home is on the market before it sells, the median sales price of homes in your area, how the sales price compared to the asking price of sold homes, as well as how many homes near yours are for sale, under contract, sold and expired .

It's free, it's simple and it's quick. Just fill in the short form below and your Market Snapshot will be emailed to you within minutes...