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2017-11-21 22:37:12
8 Reasons to Sell Your Home During the Holidays


1. If what's holding you back is not wanting to schedule showings during the holidays, don't worry! You can restrict the dates of showings around your holiday schedule!

2. Holiday decorations are great for showings! They are bright and inviting, and make people think of what they'd do with the space and the decorating.

3. Since not many list their homes during the holidays, the number of listings in January increases dramatically. That means when you go to buy your home, there will be less demand than when you sold yours. Less demand translates in to lower home prices for you!

4. Alternatively, if you sell during the holidays, you have the opportunity to buy in the spring without having to worry about selling your current home. Not only is that a BIG plus to the seller because they don't have to worry about the sale falling through, there are many more homes on the market then, so you have far more options.

5. People who are looking for homes during the holidays are generally more motivated and serious buyers. And since there are fewer homes on the market during the holidays, they have less to choose from. That means less competition for you!

6. Since people are given vacation time during the holidays, their schedules are more flexible for showings. This frees them up to work their showings in around your schedule.

7. You have the option of selling now and get a higher price while the market is high, then have your realtor write your contract in such a way that you can extend your occupancy in the house, or delay the closing. This means you'll get the higher selling price with the convenience of moving on your schedule.

8. January is a peak month for people to start new jobs. Since they can't wait until spring to move, this is a perfect time to get your home on the market for them to buy!


As always, if you ever need any help or have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask. Liz loves to explain the ins and outs of realty, and she makes it so understandable!

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